Entrepreneurship. Ingenious.
Smart. Responsible.

We invest, develop and optimize.
Always in the pulse of time, always different, always us.


With investments
in ambitious, high-growth companies
we support innovation.
Simultaneously, we invest in
new business models.
Across sectors, approachable and fair.


We implement, review,
reflect and adapt.
This enables us
to achieve our ambitious goals
and keep our promises.


We set ourselves ambitious
and yet realistic goals.
Instead of deriving recommendations
for actions we act.
Fast, uncomplicated and honest.
Therefore, we use
our comprehensive knowledge
and unconventional measures.

We are an investor of a new generation.

Our heart beats for technological progress and innovation - wanting to change the world with passion and entrepreneurial courage. Therefore we invest own capital in new business models and ambitious growth companies.

Our investments

An extract from our current portfolio. On request, we would be happy to provide more information about other investments of blueworld.group

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You are

  • Maverick
  • Ambitious
  • Ingenious
  • Different
  • Authentic

...looking for an investor who has more to offer than just profit-driven investment management? Would you like to take your company to a new level and are you ambitious whether in good or in bad times?

So are we. As entrepreneurial investors, we see creating sustainable values and shaping the world of tomorrow as our responsibility. We are as open to high-growth companies with meaningful ideas as we are to established companies looking for private equity or company succession – across sectors. Always with the aim to act outstanding, in a more ingenious and different way than the norm.


Latest Stories

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h.o.s.t — home of sustainable taste

Viel zu oft verschwindet unverwechselbare Individualgastronomie aus unseren Städten. Genau aus diesem Grund wurde h.o.s.t — home of sustainable taste gegründet, um einzigartigen Gastronomiekonzepten nicht nur eine Nachfolgelösung, sondern ein neues, vereinendes Zuhause zu bieten.

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  • #Team

Erfahrungsbericht duales Studium - Kombination aus Theorie und Praxis

In diesem Bericht teile ich meine Erfahrungen meines dualen Studiums an der IU und mit der blueworld.group als Praxispartner.

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  • #Unternehmertum
  • #Recruiting

Zunehmende Jobangebote und fehlende Fachkräfte — Recruiting in Coronazeiten

Die Coronazeit hat Bewerber offenbar vorsichtig werden lassen — viele Branchen leiden wirtschaftlich sehr und so scheint sich jeder genau zu überlegen, ob es in dieser Zeit sinnvoll ist, einen sicheren Arbeitsplatz zu verlassen.

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