Entrepreneurship. Ingenious.
Smart. Responsible.

We found, develop, invest and optimize.
Always in the pulse of time, always different, always us.


We embody an entrepreneurial spirit.
We love developing visions,
elaborating concepts and translating them into actions.
We fail, learn and gain.
We test, validate and develop.
With full risk and even more effort.
And above all with heart and mind.


With early-stage investments
in ambitious companies
we support innovation.
Simultaneously, we invest in
more mature business models
together with selected and
prestigious co-investors.
Across sectors, approachable and fair.


We set ourselves ambitious
and yet realistic goals.
Instead of deriving recommendations
for actions we act.
Fast, uncomplicated and honest.
Therefore, we use
our comprehensive knowledge
and unconventional measures.


We implement, review,
reflect and adapt.
This enables us
to achieve our ambitious goals
and keep our promises.

We offer

young companies

...early-stage financing.

established companies

...private equity & company succession.


...jobs, companies & business ideas.


An extract from our current portfolio. On request, we would be happy to provide more information about other investments of blueworld.group

Blue Bear
Blue Elephant
Blue Fox
Haus der Bäcker
Mutti freut sich
Jovia Design
Fresh Five

You are

  • Maverick

  • Ambitious

  • Ingenious

  • Different

  • Authentic

...looking for an investor who has more to offer than just profit-driven investment management? Would you like to take your company or project to a new level and are you ambitious whether in good or in bad times?

So are we. As entrepreneurial investors, we see creating sustainable values and shaping the world of tomorrow as our responsibility. We are as open to early-stage companies with meaningful ideas as we are to established companies in growth phases – across sectors. Always with the aim to act in a more ingenious and different way than the norm.

...a real challenger to the status quo? You’re not thinking in standards, guidelines and certainly not in the past? Are you painting a concrete ideal of your world and ambitious to realize it? Always aiming to be more ingenious and different than the norm. Thereby, you have moral values for which you stand up and take a stand.

Then you are exactly right with us. Our everyday work is anything but ordinary and monotonous. Convince yourself of our current job advertisements and a career at blueworld.group.


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Im Interview mit Synapticon - Robotic-Motion-Control aus Stuttgart

"Bei Synapticon haben sich anfangs ein Maschinenbauer, ein Elektroniker und ein Softwareingenieur zusammengesetzt..." Ihr wollt wissen, wie die Geschichte weiter geht? Und vor allem was sie mit Robotic-Motion-Control zu tun hat? Erfahrt mehr darüber in unserem neusten Interview mit Nik, dem CEO und Gründer von Synapticon.

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Im Interview mit Fresh Five - Klimaneutrales Bio-Eis aus Heilbronn

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Im Interview mit CrowdDesk - CrowdInvesting aus Frankfurt

"Jeder soll jederzeit und an jedem Ort die Möglichkeit haben, neue Werte zu schaffen und den dazu notwendigen Zugang zu Kapital auch bekommen." Wie CrowdDesk diese Vision umsetzt und welche Details Du außerdem über das Frankfurter Start-up wissen solltest, liest Du in unserem Interview mit Gründer & Geschäftsführer Jamal.

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